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We offer different types of aggregates and stone for a variety of purposes. We promise on-time delivery to any location in the northern part of the continent.

Fill Sand

Fill sand, sometimes referred to as utility sand or backfill sand, is a coarse sand used for filling in trenches, leveling uneven areas, and backfilling around utility pipes and cables. It is not typically recommended for applications where compaction is required.

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Paver Sand

Paver sand, also known as jointing sand, is a fine sand used for filling the joints between pavers or paving stones. It helps to stabilize the pavers, prevent weed growth, and improve overall durability.

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The upper, outermost layer of soil that contains most organic matter and nutrients. Often dark in color with high fertility. Used for planting lawns and gardens.

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The layer of soil underneath the topsoil. Usually contains less organic matter and is lighter in color and density. Provides foundational support for topsoil.

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